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Gift whitefish

Traditionally best souvenir from Tyumen - is salted whitefish, delicious delicacy Siberian . Aroma and taste of this fish forever remembered by everyone who has ever tried it. Treat your friends and family original gift . Guests of the restaurant "Diaghilev" and the hotel Best Western Plus «Spasskaya" can enjoy the carcass salted salted whitefish and costs 2500 rubles. /Kg (average weight of fish from 1.3 to 1.6 kg).

We carefully keep cooked fish in the refrigerator in a vacuum package, so that you can enjoy the taste of salted whitefish at any convenient time.

Details on the phone (3452) 55-00-08 or e-mail: fb@hotel-spasskaya.ru

Muksun (Latin Coregonus Muksun) - freshwater fish of the genus Coregonus salmon family. Revealed to the world the gift of the northern rivers of the Khanty and Yakuts. Whitefish feature is that it is one of the few fish that can be eaten raw. Whitefish meat has a unique taste and incredibly useful due to the large content of microelements.


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